Bardo Britannica: A Fairytale for People Afraid of the Dark

Dear Friends and Fellow Travellers

Thank you for joining Sybil Goodenough on her adventures in the Bardo.

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or setting sail for the first time, you may wish to begin your voyage from the beginning rather than backwards blog-style.

Here therefore is the itinerary with links to the destinations.
Please embark at any port and enjoy the journey.

A Fairytale for People Afraid of the Dark

Prologue: Under an Egyptian Sun
Part I: The Field of Reeds
Part II: The Solar Boat

Prelude: From a Dark Wood…

Voyage 1: Asphodel Meadows: The People’s Paradise
Part I: Lilies of the Field
Part II: My Paradise Found
Part III: Et in Arcadia (Ego)
Part IV: Orpheus in the Underworld

Voyage 2: Hella’s Realm: Dives and Dungeons
Part I: Merry Hell
Part II: Hella Redux
Part III: Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers
Part IV: Lacrimae Rerum
Part V: Saved by the Awesome

Voyage 3: Britannia’s Heaven
Part I: The Good Place
Part II: Your Dream Home
Part III: A Heaven Fit for Heroes
Part IV: The Election of Lady God
Part V: On High Table (Divertimento)
Part VI: Game of Thrones
Part VII: Immanentize the Eschaton!

Epilogue: …Into a Sunlit Meadow 


Love and Blessings
Sybil Goodenough

Fair Winds and Following Seas